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Our wide range of family law services can help you and your family get the proper advice you need.

Family Law Services from Murray & Company

Uncontested Divorces

An uncontested divorce means that you and your spouse are in agreement and will not object to your spouse making an application to the court for a divorce. Our office can assists you in obtaining a divorce judgement from the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

Separation/Property Settlement Agreements

Separation agreements divide property between you and your spouse after the relationship ends. They can also deal with spousal support or alimony and a parenting plan for children. To make the agreement binding, each party will require independent legal advice. Our office can prepare the agreement for both parties before one party would need to take the agreement to a different lawyer for advice and signing.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prior to a marriage, prenuptial agreements preserve your assets that you are bringing into a marriage, including their increase of value. Otherwise, your assets will be distributed accordingly to the terms of the Matrimonial Property Act of Alberta.

Co-Habitation Agreements

Similar to a prenuptial agreement, co-habitation agreements is for unmarried couples considered common-law wishing to preserve their assets, including their increase of value. In the event that the relationship ends, the court will often refer to the Matrimonial Property Act of Alberta if there is no co-habitation agreement.

Interdependent Partnership Agreements

For same-sex individuals who wish to live together, interdependent partner agreements set out the respective rights and obligations of each party and can also set out property division in the event that the relationship ends.

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